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This large 40 panel system produces 10,400 Watts of DC power and utilizes a SolarEdge SE-10000 Inerter with panel level optimizers at each panel. The optimizers give the system the same operating advantage as micro inverters while cost is reduced as there is only one large inverter.

large 40 pannel system

According to the WEF report in December - 30 Countries have officially tipped the scale where solar and wind is now cheaper than fossil fuels reports the World economic forum, and 30% of all countries will cross this barrier within the next few years.

average solar production

Expect -$20,830 per man, women and child living in Manitoba... For those that have not been following the Manitoba Hydro Saga and are happy with our low utility rates get ready for a SHOCK! With just over 1.2 million people in Sunny Manitoba, Our crown corporation known as ‘Manitoba Hydro’ is expecting a 25 Billion dollar deficit in the coming years to complete Bi Pole III and Keeyask.

manitoba hydro debt

This is the largest completed residential system in Manitoba so far! The customer has a large 2800 square foot shop that is heated by an electric boiler for radiant floor heat. The shop consumes a good portion of the overall electrical usage. The addition of this system should reduce the customer’s consumption by 34% with an estimated pay back of 8 years.

manitoba residential solar pv

This solar PV project was completed in Gimli, MB and is one part of a Complete Zero Energy Home Project. The 22 panels were 310 Watt 72 cells. The shop had a 4/12 roof pitch and was 900 square feet. The customer already has low cost geothermal heat pump for the main house heating. The project uses a Solar Edge SE5000 inverter with Power Optimizers on each panel to deliver the maximum returns.

Residential Solar Project

This large 7 panel solar heating system I was installed to provide the pool owner with supplemental heat energy to heat their large 40 by 20 foot indoor pool. The cost of heating the pool in the winter were substantial. The home owner approached 123 Zero Energy and evaluate 3 opportunities

solarthermal heating system

We want to be involved in these emerging technologies, which are improving and becoming more cost-effective," said Manitoba Hydro President and CEO Kevin Shepherd at a Manitoba Hydro news release on April 22, 2016.

manitoba pv array

Latitude51Solar a division of Northern Lights Solar Solutions were chosen to supply the City of Calgary’s Zoo with 16 high performance SunRain TZ58 1800 30R solar vacuum tube collectors.

calgary zoo canada

Recently installed DIY GeoThemal Project in Gimli, MB save home owner 72% of their heating bill this winter. Home owner Tracy Rush and husband recently build their dream retirement home in a small development outside Gimli, MB the home owners were fortunate to be situated on a large ground source aquifer that sits about 80 feet below ground. This artesian well is also pressurized and had a natural flow rate of 52 GPM at ground level.


Northern Lights Solar Solutions in conjunction with Sandals Resorts, St Lucia completes delivery of solar thermal project for La Toc resort project which includes solar thermal pool heating for all private villas.

Sandals La Toc St Lucia1

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