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Pool owner installs large solar thermal heating system

solarthermal heating system
This large 7 panel solar heating system I was installed to provide the pool owner with supplemental heat energy to heat their large 40 by 20 foot indoor pool. The cost of heating the pool in the winter were substantial. The home owner approached 123 Zero Energy and evaluate 3 opportunities.
Solar PV
Solar Thermal

In the end they decided that the solar thermal heating system was best suited for their needs and budget. The system provided both domestic hot water for the entire home as well as space heating option for the heated pool room.

The system works by transferring the solar thermal heat energy to a large 120 gallon storage tank. This tanks is loaded upto 140 F. Once this is reached a 3 way valve then diverts the hot solar heating fluid directly to the pool via an inline pool heat exchanger. This heats the pool directly however the home owner still has the backup pool heater for back up heat in Dec and Jan months.

Attached to the top heat exchanger in the water tank is an Air Handler that circulated hot water from the upper tank to an internal radiator where a fan blows the heat into the pool room. This allows the home owner to also assist with the space heating of the pool room using solar thermal energy.

The annual estimated energy savings of this project was between 16-18 MW.

System Desing Layout (Click on images to enlarge)

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