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Cost effective

Highest payback of all solar energy systems producing up to 1000 watts per panel.
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Easy to Install

Non electrical wiring needed. Mount to any southern wall or roof.
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Advanced Thermostat

Shuts off system when no heat is need and does not over heat.
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Variable Speed Fan

Solar powered fan increases speed as sun’s energy intensifies.

Solar Air Energy Systems For The Highest Possible Payback


Solar Air is arguably the most effective use of solar energy. Using a combination of passive solar and a solar powered PV Fan, hot air is circulated into the house or building provide warm clean heating.

Solar Air Heaters


Solar air Heating is recognized as one of the most economical way to heat a home using the suns energy. Payback for solar air heating is 1-4 years and that is before the federal tax credit of 30%!

The advantage of our solar air heaters are that they can be installed easily by any home owner which greatly reduces the overall investment cost. See Solar Air Collector installation guide. The other advantage of our solar air heaters is that they require no wiring or electrical permits. There is absolutely $0 operating cost as the solar fan is powered directly by a solar PV module on the collector. And best of all the fan automatically increases speeds as the sun’s intensity increases.

Unlike Solar Thermal Heating applications, solar air heaters do not over heat in the summer months. In the summer time simply adjust the temperature settings below the actual internal temperature and your solar air heater will never turn on. The digital thermostat operates via the solar panel so there is no need for batteries or AC power.

The solar air heaters works by drawing in fresh outside air and circulating through a maze of black aluminum that has a special selective coating that absorbs much more heat than it emits. This heated air is then blown it into the dwelling via a solar powered fan. This works great for the spring, summer and fall months and provides an increase of 20-40 C (70-90 F)! In colder climates such as Northern USA the outside air can drop to minus 30-40 F and as such the solar air heater would not be able to provide adequate heat. However, with the SAH34 You can simply draw in air from the basement or dwelling and reheat it back to the living area. In this way even in -40 the solar air heaters can provide useful heat energy! Find out more on how solar air heater work.


The solar air heaters work best if placed directly on a south facing wall, alternatively a southern roof also works but then must be ducted into the house through the addict. Because hot air rises, the ducting into the house is best done at a lower level (closer to the floor) so that the heat can be utilized more effectively.



Crawl airs and basements


Off Grid


Fishing shacks


Campers and RV’s


20 year on PV Panel

2 years for solar air heater/ ventilator

Fan 30,000 hours

SPAH Solar Heat Easy Installation


Hello Mr. Anderson,

Weather in Québec, since mid August has been... rather bad Wet, cool and cloudy most of the time. In early september, we usually get really nice weather for a couple of days! This year... nada! Poor weather and Covid-19! But on Saturday, we had really nice (albeit cool) weather and the sun shone most of the time. The solar heater was able to work almost continuously for 4 hours. The temperature of the solar air heater went up to 122 Farenheit and it was operating most of the time above 14 volts. When I put my hand next to the air exit in the basement, it has hot air coming out. And our humidity in the basement, since we installed the solar air heater, has not gone above 50%, which is an improvement on the 75-80% humidity we were getting this summer. I am still observing the solar air heater but it seems to be doing what we wanted it to do, that is replace a standard dehumidifier which we can't run on a midsize solar system. But since I put the air intake on the ground floor and the air outtake in the basement, it circulates the air along the 2 floors of our cottage. And now that we have started using our slow combustion wood fireplace on the ground floor, warmed up air from the ground floor is pushed down towards the floor of the basement. It helps the overall comfort of the cottage.

I am looking forward to seeing how warm it will keep the unheated cottage over the winter. If it maintains the temperature above 0 celsius, we will be very pleased. Will test the new thermostat this weekend and keep you informed. Thanks for the excellent follow up service.

Installation Guide

Find out how simple it is to install a solar air heater on any building.

How They Work

Detailed parts and parameters for our solar air heaters.


Detailed parts and parameters for our solar air heaters.


Find out how much energy one solar air collector can produce.


Pricing for Solar air heaters.

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