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Solar Air Heater Assembly and Installation Guide for DIYers

Solar air heaters can be used anywhere; permanent residence, cottage, garage, green house, garden shed, even fishing and hunting shacks. We recommend placing the product on a vertical surface which will provide the best angle between the panel and sun in winter and spring and autumn. The location must be in a southern (S,SW,SE) direction where there is greatest opportunity for sun. For north hemisphere, put the solar panel south oriented; for south hemisphere, put the solar panel north oriented. If roof mounted, the horizontal angle should be the latitude plus 15 degrees for optimal winter performance.

Assembly/ Installation Procedures:

1. Drill a hole for pipe going through.

Find a suitable site where the solar panel will receive as much sunlight as possible, and where a hole can be made in the wall through which the supplied tubing can be passed. Note: When affixing the solar air heater, ensure that the inlets are at the bottom, so it can keep away from rain water and the PV panel faces up.

Use the pipe to mark the location on the wall and drill the wall with 108mm drilling bit.

You will also drill another small hole to let the cable going through.

4. Mount the solar panel on the wall and put the pipe though the hole and go inside the room:

Pass the tube through the wall and use filler, expanding foam or some other product to seal. Make marks on the wall where it would be screwed according to the screw holes on the frame of solar air heater. If attaching to a wall drill 8mm diameter holes for the screws at the attachment points and place 8mm plastic expansion pipe in the holes. If attaching to wood it is likely that the solar air heater can be fastened using self-tapping wood screws and no prior hole-drilling will be needed.

5. Fasten the panel on the wall.

Screw the appliance to the wall, do not tighten the screws fully until you are sure that the tubing is trim with the connector on the reverse of the panel.

6. Mount the inner diffuser.

Tighten the appliance completely in place and attach the diffuser to the wall inside the building.
Mount the inner diffuser

7. Mount the thermal regulator beside the diffuser, and then connect the wires to the thermal regulator.

If attaching to a wall drill 6mm diameter holes for the screws at the attachment points and place 6mm plastic expansion pipe in the holes.

Note: For mechanical regulator, please connect wire to Position 1 and Position 3. There is no distinction for negative or positive poles.

For LED regulator, please follow its instruction manual.

8. Fit the cover and adjust the air outlet with the diffuser.

air outlet with the diffuser

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