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resol mx hydronic solar controller

The RESol MX controller is one of the most advanced thermal controllers on the market and has 1000’s of possibilities. It is the standard in universal Delta T controllers that works with any type of heating system and has unique solar thermal options that are not found on other controllers. The easy to use navigation system and predefined menus make this an easy to use controller along with large screen graphical LCD screen that can display graphs and charts as well as full Navigation menus. Included with the RESOL MX is an SD slot that allows you to transfer data to a laptop and easily up load firmware. The RESOL MX controller can be connected to a RESOL Data Logger and access your own secure portal for online live viewing of your system via the Free platform.


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  • 14 relay outputs and 12 inputs for Pt1000, Pt500 or KTY temperature sensors
  • 14 Relays with up to 5 extension modules via RESOL VBus® (45 sensors and 39 relays in total)
  • Inputs for analogue and digital Grundfos Direct Sensors™
  • Integrated control of up to 4 high-efficiency pumps via PWM outputs
  • 3 Impulse inputs for V40 Flow Meter
  • Data logging, storing, easy transfer of controller adjustments prepared and firmware updates via SD card
  • Cooling over the heating circuit with condensation detection by means of a dew point switch
  • Simplified timer, 0-10 V boiler control and DHW preheating
  • Remote access to the heating circuits with room control unit(s) or the VBus®Touch HC App
  • Extended optional functions, e.g. solid fuel boiler function with mixer and target temperature control
  • Outside weather compensating sensor
  • Room zone controllers for individual rooms

Wiring Schematic

Wiring Schematic


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