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ultra thin fan coil unit

Highly Efficient

The unit is 30% more efficient compared to standard radiators.

Space-Saving Design

A 5.1 inches thick casing designed to specifically save space compared to the 9.1 inches coil casing.

Precision Technology

Remote controlled or Thermostat console mode provides for the most precise temperature control.

5 years’ Warranty

Comes with a 123 Zero Energy Certified Contractor Installation and 5 years dedicated warranty on all parts.

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Room Temperature Control with High Energy Efficiency

Dedicated water to air solutions for heating

The unit comes equipped with aluminum heat exchanger that works on the principle of heat distribution by drawing out the heat from hot water. This is followed by a fan blower, which distributes this air from hot inlet pipes doubly fast compared to normal radiators.


controllers for energy saving fan coil

Dedicated Living Space Solutions


Precise Control over Your Temperature

The unit is designed to ensure just the right temperature at even the farthest reaches of each room. You can set a different temperature for each room via the remote or through the unit panel.


fan coil compared to radiator

Energy Saving Heating Solutions


Save More Money

The Ultra Thin Fan Coil is designed specifically to be equal to three times that of a normal radiator. This is done to ensure a greater surface area to distribute more heat at a single time. Not only that, this design allows the coil to use a lower operating temperature, thus using less energy for you.



LONG LASTING SOLUTIONSQuality is our first motto

  • Triple way Motorized Valves

    Triple way Motorized Valves

    The three way valve ensures a better stability for the unit, which not only guarantees lower power consumption, but provides higher stability as well.
  • Corrosion Resistant Heat Exchanger

    Corrosion Resistant Heat Exchanger

    The aluminum fin in the Exchanger ensures longer operating time span by resisting corrosion.

  • Brushless Fan Motors

    Brushless Fan Motors

    Absence of brushes allow for higher operational value since there are no parts which would wear out. Not only that, it also allows for a high operational speed at only 25 db (A).
  • Uniquely Designed Fan Blowers

    Uniquely Designed Fan Blowers

    Cross flow fan blowers guarantee a better air volume delivery mechanism. This helps heat a room much faster than conduction granting better usage options.
  • Space Saving Design

    Space Saving Design

    The 5.1 inches casing guarantees more free space compared to the bulky 9.8 inch thick casing.

  • Customizable Configurations

    Customizable Configurations

    Choose between a wall mounted, floor based or ceiling mounted installation for the maximum output.

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Available in a Variety of Models and Styles so that you do not have to compromise
when choosing the perfect option for your home

ultra thin fan coil unit floor standing

Floor Standing

fan coil ceiling mounted ultra thin

Ceiling Mounted

wall mounted ultra thin fan coil

Wall Mounted


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Frequently Asked QuestionsKNOW MORE ABOUT THE PRODUCT

  • How often do I have to provide maintenance for the coils? +

    A routine maintenance is recommended every six months. The steps are easy to follow and are detailed out in the 123 Zero Energy manual for the fan coil strainer. In case you require a technician that can be arranged as well.
  • Would the 123 Zero Energy Fan Coil work perfectly well with my current setup? +

    With a working temperature range of 100°F to 158°F, the 123 Zero Energy can be assimilated into any previous existing get heating system.
  • What is Fan Coil working Principle? +

    The 123 Zero Energy works by taking the air already in your room and heating it up. The internal aluminum heat exchanger fins circulate this air while the hot air is circulated through hot copper pipes in the fins. The heated water heats up the air which is then blown back into your room with the help of the fan coils. The cooled exit water is again sent back to the heating system for reuse. The idea is same as cooling, except with incoming hot water and refuse cold water.
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