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Residential Solar Installation in
Oakbank - 8.5 KW

This is another installation that was completed in the town of Oakbank. It uses 25 x 340 watt panels strung using APS microinverters. You will see in the image below that the system is split into two arrays. The array on the left of the image is unconventionally shaped as usually the largest row on a hipped roof will be the bottom row. In this case, that was not possible due to the roof pipe that was installed for this customers satellite dish being a panel obstruction. We could have added an additional few panels to the bottom left corner of this array, but we prefer installing symmetrically so that our systems look eye pleasing and do not deter possible house buyers if this customer was to sell this house in the future. The end result is a very nice looking system that has no shading concerns and is facing due south at an optimal 8/12 roof pitch angle. This customer already has a solar water heating system supplied by 123 Zero Energy a few years ago and can be seen below the array on the left side.

Residential Solar Installation in Oakbank - 8.5 KW

835 Kapelus Dr. West St Paul, MB R4A 5A4, Canada