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123 Zero Energy Solar Air Heaters operate by taking in air through the bottom of panels or through a bottom port connecting the building, and then through special construction inside the panel, the air is heated by the sun several times catching the most heat and then delivered it into the room or dwelling without wasting energy. The borosilicate glass shield keeps the air sealed from the outside temperature and special aluminium panels with special selective coating absorbs the heat. Unlike standard glass Borosilicate glass has the characteristic of being very strong and also has excellent light transparency (>92% @ 2mm thick). Through a fan the air passes over the panels absorbing the heat and transferring the energy inside the house. The selective coating used inside the solar air heater is 5 times better standard black paint in capturing and absorbing the solar heat energy.

adjustable ventingWe have two models. The basic SAH30 solar air model has only an exterior intake port and draws outside air and circulates it through the heating system and blow the hot air into the house. The SAH34 solar air model is a more advanced model that has both an exterior intake as well as an interior intake. This interior intake is used in real cold climates where the external air temperature is too cold to be heated. Instead the system draws in warm air from the interior and heats it through the solar air system and blow the hotter air back into the dwelling. To switch from exterior to interior air draw you simply close the exterior vent port located on the bottom of the sola air collector.

The heated or fresh air is blown into the house by a fan, driven by photovoltaic panel. Even on cold winter days, the panel may blow air into the dwelling, which is 20-40 degrees C warmer than the outside air temperature. The air collector is all digitally thermostatically controlled so that the fan turns off when a certain temperature is reached.

We recommend placing the product on a vertical surface providing the best angle between the panel and sun in winter and spring and autumn. The location must be in the direction where there is greatest opportunity for sun which is always southern facing with minimal obstructions.

It works in any sunlight, therefore it is renewable supplement to the existing heating system during the day by saving almost 50% of the heating cost. It is also an ideal choice for your cottage, trailer, garage or workshop, even ice fishing or hunting shacks.

LCD ControllerThe Advanced Digital controller is placed inside the dwelling and communicates with the panel. By setting the interior temperature the controller will activate the fan only if the interior temperature is less than the set point AND the temperature inside the Air Collector has a temperature greater than the inside of the building. In this way the room will never get hotter than the set temperature and the system will never blow colder air into the room. The controller has an automatic variable speed controller which can be also switched to manual fan speeds ranging from 0-120 m3/Hr (4200 ft3/Hr). In automatic mode the fan will increase in speed proportionate to the amount of solar energy.

Due to its competitive price and excellent performance of up to 1 kW per panel, our Solar Air Collectors are the most cost effective heating systems in the world market to date.


Schematic diagram 123 Solar air heater standard model

Working Principle of Solar Air SH30

Working Principle of Solar Air SH30


Working Principle of Solar Air SAH34


Heating recirculating inside air (winter)

Heating recirculating inside air (winter)

Heating fresh outside air (spring fall)

Heating fresh outside air (spring fall)


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