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Solar Air Heating System Performance Criteria and Conditions

Performance indicators:

  • Room temperature can be increased by 20-40 °C (depending on the type of panel)
  • Fan output: up to 120 m 3 / h
  • Maximum power up to 1,000 W/h
  • A great alternative to traditional recovery
  • Extra hardened frame structure
  • Adjustable air inlet at the bottom, Air intake regulation
  • Return on investment two years, guaranteed life of 15 years


ModelSAH30 / SAH34
Panel dimensions 95 x 140 x 7.7 cm
Weight 29 kg
Fan output to 120 m3 / h
Footprint absorber 1.3 m2
Photovoltaic performance 20 W
Performance max. 1000 W/ h
Room area/space coverage 75 m2 185 m3
Temperature rise 35-40 °C

Test Results:

To know in advance what equipment you will bring to you regularly perform on all types of products, performance tests under realistic conditions. In these tests, we measure the inlet air temperature and the temperature of the air that is blown into the panel room. Temperature recording is performed continuously using calibrated data loggers at the highest level.
Solar air heater panel

Our long solar panels show that this is a very efficient and reliable device. Temperature gain panels in real environments range from 25 to 40 °C, with parameter at very high air flow (up to 120 m 3 / hr).

Solar heater panel

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Detailed parts and parameters for our solar air heaters.


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