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DIY Geothermal Project Saves Homeowner 72% of Heating Cost


Recently installed DIY GeoThemal Project in Gimli, MB save home owner 72% of their heating bill this winter. Home owner Tracy Rush and husband recently build their dream retirement home in a small development outside Gimli, MB the home owners were fortunate to be situated on a large ground source aquifer that sits about 80 feet below ground. This artesian well is also pressurized and had a natural flow rate of 52 GPM at ground level.

Northern Lights Group suggested a GEOCool 4 ton unit to heat their 2000 square foot bungalow. The bungalow was constructed using high energy construction including ICF foundation, Spray foam insulation for interior walls and triple pane windows.

The home owners were fortunate that they had a natural flowing water source that could adequately provide both the domestic hot water as well as the required 12 GPM recommended by the heat pump manufacture. Instead of large storage tank and big pumps the home owners used a small Grunfos UP15 circulation pump that draws only 40 amps to circulate the water through the ground source heat pump adequately providing 12 GPM.

The discharge was even easier for the home owners as they were situated on a canal system that accesses Lake Winnipeg. They trenched a 100 foot line to the water’s edge to discharge the ground water back to the lake. There is absolutely no contact or chance of contamination as the water comes directly from the ground, through the heat pump and back to the lake. Because the home owners managed to share the existing well the net cost for the loop system was under $1000 as not special well was needed.

Homeowner Tracy Rush was delighted to see her heating bill drop by 72% versus last year. The net cost of the DIY 4 ton geothermal system including the piping loop was just over $10,000. However this system qualified home owners for the 15% Provincial Green Tax credit and a Provincial grant of $2600 for installing where natural gas is available, saving them approx. $4100. The estimate annually energy savings on this system is $1685 making this a payback of approx. 3.5 Years.

Home owners have taken their first step to creating a Zero Energy home. This spring they will be installing a 3 Kw DIY solar PV system along with a solar water heater that will provide all of their water needs. Energy monitoring has been installed on the geothermal system allowing the homeowners to see the true energy requirements for heating. In the coldest winter months the geothermal system drew 2 Kw of energy to heat our entire home says Tracy.

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