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Residential Solar Installation in
Winnipeg - 13.6 KW

This solar installation in the City of Winnipeg acts as a perfect showcase demonstrating how 123 Zero Energy can assist in any aspect of a Solar PV installation. This particular customer had ties with a solar wholesaler and was able to purchase a solar system extremely affordably. His issue was in designing the system to fit on his complicated roof, installing this system, as well as getting this system approved for installation. All of the other solar contractors in Manitoba would only offer help if it was their system he was installing. In our case, since we are used to working with customers that take a D.I.Y approach to home renovation projects, we were happy to assist where we could, and the result is a beautiful home solar installation. Typically, it would be very difficult to fit 40 x 72 cell sized solar panels on any roof in the City of Winnipeg, let alone one as complex as in the case of this customer. With our experience, we were able to maximize every inch of usable roof space that this customer had and ensure that his system was properly installed in every regard.

Residential Solar Installation in Winnipeg

835 Kapelus Dr. West St Paul, MB R4A 5A4, Canada