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Lakeside Solar Installation in Sandy Hook - 9.52 KW

This solar installation was conducted on a steeply sloped roof of a home that rests on the shore of Lake Winnipeg. The design of this large array was more complicated than an average system due to the roof structure. We had to fit 28 x 340 watt panels on this customers south facing roof line, but you will see in the photo below that this house has a low sloped mud room that was added to the building and runs up onto the steep 8/12 pitched roof. This meant that the bottom row of panels could not be extended past 4 panels wide. We decided to add the panels we could not fit on the 8/12 pitched roof to the low sloped mud room roof. This low sloped array is tilted for maximum summer production, so it adds some variance to the productivity of this system. We also had to consider the chimney pictured below in our design, not only because it took up roof space, but also because it would cause shading issues. That is why the middle row of this array doesn’t extend behind the chimney. The end result is a beautiful looking solar system that is sure to catch the eyes of all who drive past, as well as produce reliable energy for many years.

Lakeside Solar Installation in Sandy Hook

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