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Residential Solar Project in Headingly - 8.16 KW

This solar system was installed on a beautiful bungalow in the R.M of Headingly. It uses 30 x 310 watt panels hooked up to a Solaredge hybrid inverter system. The array pictured below includes two rows of 12 panels, the other 6 panels being located on a smaller south facing roof space. The electrical installation of this project was one of the more difficult ones we have conducted due to the layout of the home. The basement electrical room in this house does not touch any outside walls, and the entire basement is well finished. To run our connection cables, a complicated path inside the walls of the house from the attic to the electrical room, and then from the electrical room to the Hydro meter, was needed. With just a bit of drywall patching and painting happening afterwards, the cable was successfully run and this customer has been producing a high percentage of his electricity needs with his solar system ever since.

Residential Solar Project in Headingly

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