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Lakeside Solar Installation in
Lundar Beach - 12.42 KW

This is another example of a lakeside installation we have completed, only this house is nestled on the shore of Lake Manitoba in Lundar Beach. This customer installed 36 x 345 watt panels using APS inverter system that is net metered. This customer’s roof structure is almost a perfect hipped pyramid shape, and to fit 36 panels we split his system into three arrays. One faces west, one east, and the largest faces south. With hipped roofs, it is common practice to install solar panels in a triangular design in which the bottom row has the most panels, and the row/s above have gradually less panels. This allows us to maximize the number of panels we can fit on the roof, whilst also ensuring that no panel edge is closer than 1’ away from any roof edges/lines to avoid wind damage.

Lakeside Solar Installation in Lundar Beach - 12.42 KW

835 Kapelus Dr. West St Paul, MB R4A 5A4, Canada