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Pool Side Solar Installation in
St. Andrews - 5.44 KW

This solar system uses 16 x 340 Watt panels strung through an APS microinverter system. The reason this customer installed this system is to offset the costs he had associated with heating his pool in the summer. You will see in the photo below that we split this system into two arrays, separated by a heat and sewage exhaust pipe. Typically, we would cut these pipes down to around 3” and install solar overtop. This customer decided that he would not like these pipes cut, so we left his system with a gap that not only allows for servicing of those pipes but also allows for easier servicing of the solar system should any issues ever arrive in the 25+ year life span of these systems.

Pool Side Solar Installation in St. Andrews

835 Kapelus Dr. West St Paul, MB R4A 5A4, Canada