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This is another installation that was completed in the town of Oakbank. It uses 25 x 340 watt panels strung using APS microinverters. You will see in the image below that the system is split into two arrays. The array on the left of the image is unconventionally shaped as usually the largest row on a hipped roof will be the bottom row.

Residential Solar Installation in Oakbank

This installation uses 29 x 345 watt panels and APS Microinverters and was installed in the town of Oakbank. Due to a fairly complicated roof structure, we split this system into three arrays. You can see two of these arrays pictured below, one being installed on the garage roof, the other being installed on the main house roof.

Residential Solar Installation in Oakbank

This is another example of a lakeside installation we have completed, only this house is nestled on the shore of Lake Manitoba in Lundar Beach. This customer installed 36 x 345 watt panels using APS inverter system that is net metered.

Lakeside Solar Installation in Lundar Beach

This solar system was installed on a beautiful bungalow in the R.M of Headingly. It uses 30 x 310 watt panels hooked up to a Solaredge hybrid inverter system. The array pictured below includes two rows of 12 panels, the other 6 panels being located on a smaller south facing roof space.

Residential Solar Project in Headingly

This solar installation is the smallest system we have ever supplied and is a great example of how anyone can install solar no matter how limited they are in roof space. In this customer’s case, the only roof we could install on was his small detached two car garage.

Urban Solar Installation in Winnipeg 2.79 KW

This project uses 24 x 340 Watt panels and AP Systems Microinverters. We installed this system for a customer in the town of Gimli who was tired of his rising electricity bill. This is a great example of optimizing an entire roof space for solar.

Residential Solar Project in Gimli

This solar installation in the City of Winnipeg acts as a perfect showcase demonstrating how 123 Zero Energy can assist in any aspect of a Solar PV installation. This particular customer had ties with a solar wholesaler and was able to purchase a solar system extremely affordably.

Residential Solar Installation in Winnipeg

This solar system uses 16 x 340 Watt panels strung through an APS microinverter system. The reason this customer installed this system is to offset the costs he had associated with heating his pool in the summer. You will see in the photo below that we split this system into two arrays, separated by a heat and sewage exhaust pipe.

Pool Side Solar Installation in St Andrews

This solar installation includes a combination of both solar PV and solar water heating and was installed in the City of Winnipeg. This customer has a large inground pool in their backyard, so solar thermal was installed to help reduce the bill associated with heating this pool.

Urban Solar PV and Solar Thermal Installation in Winnipeg

This system uses 27 x 310 watt panels and was installed in Lorette. This was one of the first microinverter installations we conducted in Manitoba. Previous to this installation, Manitoba Hydro did not allow for microinverter systems to be connected to the power grid.

Residential Solar Project in Lorette

This solar installation was conducted on a steeply sloped roof of a home that rests on the shore of Lake Winnipeg. The design of this large array was more complicated than an average system due to the roof structure.

Lakeside Solar Installation in Sandy Hook

This solar system was installed in a busy area in the City of Winnipeg and uses 17 x 340 watt panels with AP Systems Microinverters. Due to shading (tree pictured at top right of photo) it made more sense for this customer to split their system into two arrays.

Urban Solar Installation in Winnipeg

This project uses 16 x 340 watt panels and AP Systems Microinverters and was installed for a rural customer outside of Stonewall. The photo doesn’t show the additional two panels that are on the east side of his south facing roof space separated by his gabled sunroom roof.

Residential Solar Project in Stonewall

This is one of our first agricultural projects and was installed in Arborg, MB. This customer owns a large farm and harvests grain as well as raises cows. For decades his family farm was heated using a coal boiler, but when regulation made that no longer possible he looked for alternatives to reduce his electricity bill.

Agricultural Solar Project in Arborg

This large 40 panel system produces 10,400 Watts of DC power and utilizes a SolarEdge SE-10000 Inerter with panel level optimizers at each panel. The optimizers give the system the same operating advantage as micro inverters while cost is reduced as there is only one large inverter.

large 40 pannel system

This is the largest completed residential system in Manitoba so far! The customer has a large 2800 square foot shop that is heated by an electric boiler for radiant floor heat. The shop consumes a good portion of the overall electrical usage. The addition of this system should reduce the customer’s consumption by 34% with an estimated pay back of 8 years.

manitoba residential solar pv

This solar PV project was completed in Gimli, MB and is one part of a Complete Zero Energy Home Project. The 22 panels were 310 Watt 72 cells. The shop had a 4/12 roof pitch and was 900 square feet. The customer already has low cost geothermal heat pump for the main house heating. The project uses a Solar Edge SE5000 inverter with Power Optimizers on each panel to deliver the maximum returns.

Residential Solar Project

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