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State Incentives and Grants for Renewable Energy and Efficiency


Incentive and Grants

There are many incentives available in Canada and the USA for solar and geothermal installations. These change regularly based on the political land scape and are available both on a federal and provincial and state levels. There may also be local municipal incentives as well as utility company rebates available. Below you will find the most current Canadian programs available in the USA you can find most of the inventive by visiting the DSIRE website (Database of State Incentives for Renewable & Efficiency).

The incentive change regularly based primarily on the political landscape. If you don’t see an incentive in your area then call your local MP and ask why they are not supporting Green Energy. In this way you can help shape the future of Green Energy Programs. While we attempt to keep up with all the programs, if you know about a change or a new program, please give us a call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can update our information. Beside each province is a rating based out of 5 stars on their overall Green Energy Programs.

Canadian Grants and Incentives for Solar and Geothermal


rated 5

Manitoba Leads Canada in solar PV. Newly announced program in May 2016 will pay home owners $1 watt ($1000/Kw) of installed solar for residential and business up to $200,000. Along with this incentive program is a great low interest financing program which will allow all Manitobans to participate. For more information visit

Loans and Financing – Manitoba Hydro offers multiple loan programs including the Power Smart for both geothermal and solar hot water systems. As well Geothermal systems qualify under the Pays program for Zero Cost installation. For more information about Green Energy Loans and Financing visit Manitoba Hydro

Green Tax Credit– Manitoba offers a 15% tax credit for geothermal system and a 10% tax credit for solar thermal water heaters. For more information on the Manitoba Green Tax Credit

Geothermal Incentive Program – Manitoba offers a grant of $2,600 for approved geothermal installations to homeowners. For more information visit Manitoba Geothermal Incentive Program


rated 1.5

Net Metering Program- BC Hydro offers a 9.99 cent per Kw/hr net metering program available for systems under 100 Kw. More Info BC on Net Metering


rated 1

Micro Generation Program – Alberta has a micro generation program that allows users to connect Solar PVSystems to the grid to offset their energy consumption with solar. More Info on Alberta’s’ Micro Generation


rated 4

Net Metering Program - Saskatchewan has a very aggressive net metering program that not only credits your energy back at the same cost you pay but also offers a rebate of 20% of the eligible cost to install a On-grid Solar PV system up to $20,000. This extra rebate is eligible to customers up to November 30, 2016. More info of Saskatchewan’s Net Metering Program.

Small Power Producer Program - If you would like to make more energy than you consume and sell it back to SaskPower (up to 100 KW sized systems) then consider Saskatchewan’s Small Power Producer Program


rated 4

Ontario has two forms of solar PV incentives.

Net Metering- Net Metering programs are available from Hydro One for systems under 10 Kw. This includes a 11 Month surplus carry forward that allow customer to offset future electrical cost. For more information visit Hydro One Net Metering Program

FIT – Ontario also has a Feed In Tariff program that allow from more incentives to be paid back to the owner. The Micro FIT program is available for small energy producers under 10 KW and also a larger program for producers over 10 Kw. For more information and current rates visit the Ontario FIT Program


rated 2

Net Metering - Hydro Quebec offer a Net Metering Program for Quebec residents. You can get more information to see if you qualify on their website for self-generation-guide

Nova Scotia

rated 3

Enhanced Metering- is available for Solar On Grid systems. There are two programs available. The first is for Class 1 customers producing under 100 Kw or less. The second is for Class 2 customer producing 101 Kw or more. More information on Enhanced Metering in Nova Scotia

New Brunswick

rated 2

Net Metering -is available in New Brunswick and allows customer to bank surplus energy to NB Power. More information on New Brunswick Net Metering Program


rated 2

Net Metering - is offered by Maritime Electric and now allows customer to receive full retail credit of the energy they supply back to the grid by installation a solar PV system. Previously Maritime Electric only supplied a wholesale credit. More information on PEI net metering program


rated 4.5

Good Energy Rebate Program- This program allows 15% of a solar hot water heating system to a maximum of $1200. More information on Yukon Solar Water Heater Rebate

Micro-Generation Program – The Yukon Micro Generation program is available to home owners and business and allows owners to sell surplus electricity from solar back to the grid at $0.21 / Kw for Yukon’s Integrated System. For those in isolated communities owners will receive $0.30/ kw. More info on Yukon’s Micro-Generation Program

Renewable Energy System – the Good Energy Residential Incentive Program also supplies home owners with a 20% pretax rebate for installation a On-Grid Solar System for Micro Generation. This is covers material costs of up to $5000. More information on the Renewable Energy System

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