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Solar PV in Manitoba

Manitoba Leads Canada in Solar PV!

"Receive $1000 per Kw plus financing up to $30,000"


It’s finally here! For years Manitoban’s have had to sit back seat while neighbors like Ontario and Saskatchewan aggressively adopt solar energy programs. The wait is over, Manitoba Hydro announced the new Solar Energy Net Metering Program of $1000 per KW of installed solar. This represents approximately 33% rebate towards the cost of a solar PV system. Manitoba Hydro also included a low cost loan program to help Manitoban make the switch for systems up to $30,000. Manitoba now leads the way in solar rebates across Canada. So hurry as this is a limited time program! Click here For more on the Manitoba Hydro Solar Program.

Who is eligible?
All Manitoban’s can participate if you own your resident, this includes commercial facilities.
What is the Maximum Cap of the program?
What is net metering?
What do I need to participate?
How long is the Program?
How do I apply?
Can I install it myself?

The only requirement you need is a licensed electrician to pull the final permit and perform the solar interconnection. We can supply you with a complete DIY Solar Grid Tie Kit, but we also have trained solar installers and electrician to take the project from A to Z.

What is the average Payback?
How much will it cost me?
Can I mount the panels on the ground?
How Much Energy Can I Save?
How big can I go?
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