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Solar PV Pricing

If you are looking for solar Grid-Tie Systems, we have easy to install kits that come with every component you will need right down to the roof penetration bolts. We use Enphase inverters that make it easy to expand, you solar system. Start with a 1 Kw System and expand any time to cover your energy demands at your own pace.

If you are just looking for just solar PV Panels, we have a great selection of Tier 1 manufactured panels. These are CSA and UL certified and provide you with a 25 year warranty ensure your maximum investment. Our panels have the highest energy yield giving you the best ROI in the industry.

Solar Racking is an important aspect of any solar PV installation. Proper angles can increase the solar production by as much as 20%. Securing a solar array to a roof top requires racking that can tolerate wind and snow loads. We also supply ground mount solar racking to provide large scale solar grid tie system. Large commercial flat roof tops require special roof mount brackets that avoid penetrating the roof membranes.

Solar PV Kits and Systems Packages

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