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Rolls/Surrett - Flooded Batteries 4 CS-17P

Rolls/Surrett - Flooded Batteries 4 CS-17P

$USD 720.80
Rolls Series 5000 Batteries

Series 5000

Model 4 CS-17P (4 Volt, 546 Ahr Dual Wall Battery)

Rolls have been manufacturing batteries for over 60 years and have built a reputation on reliability, durability and easy maintenance of its product. The series 5000 all have a dual container construction and the high-density polyethylene material maximizes durability and eliminates acid leaks even if the outer container ruptures. The unique 'resistox' plate design offers more resistance to corrosion and maximizes the life of the battery. The life expectancy of Rolls 5000 batteries are amongst the longest in the industry.

In Summary – Rolls Series 5000 Batteries:

3200 cycles to 50% DOD

2100 cycles to 80% DOD

10 year pro-rated warranty

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