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Rolls AGM Series 5 Batteries S12-230AGM

Rolls AGM Series 5 Batteries S12-230AGM

$USD 666.60
Rolls AGM Series 5 batteries

Series 5

Model S12-230AGM (12 Volt, 230 Ahr AGM Battery)

The Rolls Deep Cycle AGM battery range provide the performance and life of a true deep cycle battery with all the convenience of sealed construction and being maintenance free. They feature thick plates with a high density active material. This design allows for reserve energy to be stored deep within the battery plates and released during slow discharge. The Rolls AGM range are sealed, non hazardous, non spillable and completely maintenance free. They can be operated upright on their sides and are leak proof, shock and vibration resistant.

In Summary – Rolls Series 5000 Batteries:

1250 cycles to 50% DOD

850 cycles to 80% DOD

5 year warranty

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