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Integrate a solar water heating system into your pool or hot tub with this quick Plug n' Save optional heating loop. The 2nd heating loop quickly plugs into the top heat exchanger found in either the SolarStor 80 gallon or SolarStor 119 gallon tanks. The cold return pool loop is controlled by the RESOL controller and a 2nd pump station. If there is heat demand and the solar storage tank's top temperature exceeds the return supply temperature of the pool water, then the pump is activated and heat is transferred from the solar tank's top heat exchanger into a stainless steel pool heat exchanger located in the pool return lines. This way stored energy is transferred from the solar tank providing energy to the pool system. Optionally the 4.5 Kw heater can be turned on to guarantee energy even during periods of low sun.


  • Complete Pump Station with 3 speed Wilo pump, flow meter, service valves.
  • 300,000 BTU Air finned heat exchanger 1" sweat fittings
  • 50 feet of Aurora twin Flex Stainless steel 3/4" piping
  • All Quick connect Aurora fittings
  • Expansion tank

Pool or Hot Tub Heat Exchanger





$USD 1,308.00