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2nd Solar Pool and Space Heating Kits

All our Solar Water Heating Kits come with a top heat exchanger in the tank (Except SWH-1). This top heat exchanger is used for 2nd heating loop such as a pool, in floor heat, space heat etc. With this second loop you can store heat energy in the tank and remove it to the second heating zone by the use of a second pump station. All our Resol BS+ controllers are capable of managing a second zone. When selecting a second heating zone below you must also choose a primary heating system SWH-2, SWH,3, SWH-4, SWH-5. This primary system contains the main solar water heater with all the primary components. If you need help sizing your system we suggest you visit our FREE Solar Design Form which will allow us to help you estimate the overall size of system for both your domestic hot water and a second heating zone.