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123 zeroenergy     Solar Air Heating


We recommend placing the product on a vertical surface providing the best angle between the panel and sun. Northern Lights solar air collector operates by taking in air at the bottom of photovoltaic panels, and through a special construction inside the panel, the air is heated by the sun several times. The heated or fresh air is blew into the house by a fan, driven by electricity generated from sunlight by photovoltaic panel. The air collector is all thermostatically controlled so that the fan turns off when a certain temperature is reached.

Work Principle


  • Heating circularly in winter
  • Heating fresh air or ventilating in spring or autumn 

Fresh air inlet is opened, Room air inlet closed

When the fresh air inlet is opened, room air inlet closed, the system brings in heated fresh air into the room.

Room air inlet opened, Fresh air inlet is closed

When the fresh air inlet is closed, it is possible to heat the indoor air circularly in winter, by opening the room air inlet underneath.

SAH34 Side

SAH34 Back

Schematic Diagram SAH34 Dual Vent





SAH34 - Dual Vent
Panel dimensions 95 x 140 x 7.7 cm
Weight 29 kg
Fan output to 120 m3 / h
Footprint absorber 1.3 m2
Photovoltaic performance 20 W
Performance max. 1000 W/ h
Room area/space coverage 75 m2 185 m3
Temperature rise 35-40 °C




$USD 832.00