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Pool Heat Pump SPA-025ZA - 10 Kw 35,000 BTU
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Pool Heat Pump SPA-025ZA - 10 Kw 35,000 BTU

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Arctic SPA Heat Pump – 10 Kw

Arctic Spa Heat Pump is the only North American UL certified heat pump designed specifically for a spas and hot tubs in colder temperatures. Rated for up to 10 Kw(36,000 BTU) of heating power. The SPA-10 Heat Pump can heat and cool a spa or hot tub even in temperatures below 20 F (-7 C).  Great for Swim Spas as Well as Chiller Tubs for cold water emersion therapy

  • SPA-10 Arctic Heat Pump – cold weather inverter technology 20 F (-7C)
  • Outdoor spa heat pump with titanium heat exchanger
  • Heats and Cools to chill spa in summer and heat in colder months
  • Save up to 75% versus regular spa heater
  • Hi Temp up to 104 'F
  • Build in hot gas defrost
  • Drain pan and compressor heat protection for operation in freezing temperatures
  • UL Certified

Note – Performance numbers decrease as temperature drops


Air to Water Swimming Pool Spa Heat Pump
Cooling: outdoor air temp: 43℃, outlet water temp: 32℃, input water temp: 34℃
Cooling Capacity① kW 7.6 13.6 18.1
BTU/h 26000 46500 61800
EER①  A:43/W:32 W/W 3.6 3.6 3.6
Input Power① kW 2.10 3.78 5.04
Input Current① A 9.5 17.2 22.9
Heating: Outdoor air temp: 24℃/19℃, outlet water temp: 28℃, input water temp: 26℃
Heating Capacity① kW 10.5 18.9 25.2
BTU/h 35900 64500 86000
COP①  A:24/W:28 W/W 5.5 5.5 5.5
Input Power① kW 1.91 3.44 4.58
Input Current① A 8.7 15.6 20.8
Heating: Outdoor air temp: 15℃/12℃, outlet water temp: 28℃, input water temp: 26℃
Heating Capacity② kW 8.8 15.8 21.0
BTU/h 30100 54000 71700
COP②  A:15/W:28 W/W 4.6 4.6 4.6
Input Power② kW 1.91 3.43 4.57
Input Current② A 8.7 15.6 20.8
Max Current A 12.5 22.6 30.1
 Power Supply V/PH/Hz 220/1/60 220/1/60 220/1/60
 Grade of Water Proof   IPX4 IPX4 IPX4
Automatic Heating/Cooling   Yes Yes Yes
Low Temp Operation   -7C/20F -7C/20F -7C/20F
Max Water Temp - Heating C/F 40 C/104 F 40 C/104 F 40 C/104 F
Min Water Temp - Cooling C/F 7 C/45 F 7 C/45 F 7 C/45 F
 Compressor Type   Rotary Rotary Scroll
 Compressor Qty   1 1 1
 Fan Qty   1 1 1
 Fan Direction   horizontal horizontal horizontal
 Noise dB(A) 50 54 55
 Water Connection inch 1–1/2" 1–1/2" 1–1/2"
 Water Flow Rate GPM 13.25 23.86 31.79
 Water Pressure Drop Feet Head 5 5.5 5.5
 Refrigerant Type   R410A
 Unit Net Dimensions ( L/M/H ) inches L/W/H 44"/18.5"/27.5" 44"/18.5"/37.2" 44"/18.5"/49.2"
 Net Weight kg/lbs 87/190 111/244 115/253
 Shipping Weight kg/lbs 93/205 119/262 125/275

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